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Blower Silencers
Blower Silencers

Blower Silencers

Blower Silencers (Discharge/Inlet)


Our blower silencers have a range of application from pneumatic conveying of granules and powders, aeration of water and sewage. Our range of silencers can also be used on rotary lobe, cyclonic and centrifugal blowers and are finished as unpainted, primer painted, powder coated or wet painted.

Discharge silencers are fitted to the outlet side of the blower system to help reduce the noise produced from the blower throughout the pipe work.

Inlet silencers are fitted to the inlet side of the blower, they come complete with a filter attached to stop any fibers or particles entering your blower system (these filters require changing on a regular basis to produce optimum efficiency please see filters for replacement).

Our blower silencers are of a welded construction with a range of operations and types as follows:

Absorptive outlet/inlet silencer complete with filter. (see filters for spares)

Inlet/outlet pulsation Dispersal silencers (PDS). Also available in low performance.

Reactive inlet filter silencers for variable and fixed speed operations.

Reactive discharge for variable and fixed speed operations.

Low cost reactive (LCR)

Modular inlet line filter (MILF)

Base standing exhauster (BSE)

High performance silencer (HPS) also available on legs for vertical applications.

Blower inlet filter units complete with straight or bend finish (MFU) (see filters for spares).

Blower silencers can be flanged to suit client’s requirements can also be supplied with PRV connections to suit your specifications.

All the blower silencers can be pressure, weld, and gas tested if required. All ancillaries can be supplied as required (mounting brackets,guards,spool and spigots).

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